You can't build the life of your dreams if you don't also build a ✨resilient nervous system✨

Self sabotage? Don't know her.

Survival mode? She doesn't even go here.

Subconscious blocks? Cleared.

My sweet little croissant🥐...

Healing trauma is one thing.

Building a life that's full of pleasure, satisfaction + joy is a whole other thing.

Healing from trauma comes first.

Because you're used to chaos, you're used to struggling and suffering and self sabotage.

Digging the rot out and using the shit you've been through as fertilizer comes first.

Embracing joy comes next.

Chasing your dreams (instead of running from your fears) comes next.

Planting seeds that grow into the life you've always dreamed of comes next.

I know you've been working so damn hard, and nothing has worked.

You've been missing two foundational things -

nervous system repatterning (aka regulation) &

subconscious reprogramming.

When you build a resilient nervous system + clear trauma at the deepest levels of your mind (your subconscious), not only can you handle everything that comes your way (which congrats you're doing now, I'm just going to optimize that for you), you're ALSO able to handle the good.

And the good?

Is so fucking good.

Heller! I'm your guide, Amanda 😃

RRT (rapid resolution therapy) trained.


Pisces sun/moon. Aries rising.


Trauma specialist.

Damn Giver.

Generator in Human Design.

Licensed Clinical Therapist.

Podcast Host.


Nervous system & Subconscious expert.

When someone complains about their life, imagine thinking "nah, can't relate, my life is so good"

That's what it's like to work with me.

Healing, but make it fun

Courses + Programs

Imagine waking up in the morning, inhaling as you open your eyes and smiling because you feel so content and at peace with your life.

These courses will show you how.

Exhale & Release 🐋🐋

If your life has felt like a dumpster fire and you want it to feel like not that, this program is gonna get you there.

Subconscious reprogramming meets nervous system repatterning.

A private podcast feed to get you regulated in the moment & live calls to clear old traumas and anxiety.

Want to feel like you have more control over your days?

Grab my daily journal prompt designed to help you start getting a hold of that gremlin brain and rewiring it for peace and prosperity.

Life your favorite life, let everyone else die mad about it.

Amanda is acting in the role of a coach for any services available on this website. She is not acting in the role of a therapist and she is not your therapist.