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Build a life you actually love

because you chose every damn thing in it, intentionally.


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Stop being a good girl and become a powerful woman.

Learn how to set your days up so they feel accomplished, productive and easy

Anxiety is a real bitch, set yourself free from the spiral with this simple process.

Carry me in your back pocket + have access to live coaching so I can clear what's coming up for you in real time. Leaving you feeling light, clear, free, peaceful.

It takes a village to raise a business.

1:1 Business Coaching

Build your business around your magic, and watch it grow and impact way more people.

Create a business that's sustainable, profitable and aligned.

Heal the wounds and mindset blocks that are holding you back from growth and success.

Build and sell with ease and joy

Build Your business your way

This is for you if:

You have an established business, and it's running but you're not quite sure what to do next and you feel kinda stuck and frustrated.

You thrive on accountability and do better when you know someone is watching (what up, I love stalking 😉).

You want your business to feel fun and energizing, instead of draining and hard.

You're making money and having an impact, but you're working all the time and have no idea how to not do that without losing income.

You want more freedom. After all, you didn't do all this work to start a business to have it take over your life.

You want to feel clear and confident af about how to make your dreams come alive.

Imagine waking up in the morning, fluttering your eyes open and thinking "I can't believe I get to live this life." You go about your morning noticing all the little details about your life that you adore - your favorite little coffee mug, the way sunlight streams through the windows and casts a peaceful glow, the smell of your morning latte and the ease that you feel when you think about the things you get to do that day.

This is my vision for you. Healing your trauma and getting hella intentional about your life is how you get there.

Want to feel like you actually have your life together?

Grab my daily journal prompt that's going to help you do exactly that.

Life your favorite life, let everyone else die mad about it.

Amanda is acting in the role of a coach for any services available on this website. She is not acting in the role of a therapist and she is not your therapist.