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because I give many damns about you & your happiness.

You can have it all, in exactly the way you want it.


Daily Growth Journal Prompt

A daily journal prompt to help you step into your highest, dopest self - one day at a time.

It's designed to help you rewire your brain for growth and your nervous system for ease.

Get Clarity On What Drives You

When you know what you stand for, decision making becomes a breeze.

Mind ya business

Daily Goals Journal

Designed to help you set and achieve your goals with ease and get hella clarity.

Work through your fears and take aligned action towards your goals so you're actually moving the needle on your business.

The same prompt I do daily.

Exhale & Release

Neutralize life stress and clear the trauma you've experienced, so you feel calm, clear and free. After using this program, you're gonna stop calling it your nervous system and start calling it your calm system 🙃

This program is delivered via a private podcast feed, it goes wherever you go so that you can listen to at any time and includes live monthly calls to help you shift anything that comes up that's not covered by the program.

Exhale & Release has it's own website, click the button to get be taken to the program and to get a free guided visualization to feel more present at home.

Life your favorite life, let everyone else die mad about it.

Amanda is acting in the role of a coach for any services available on this website. She is not acting in the role of a therapist and she is not your therapist.