Happy business, happy life.

Get ready to set up your business so it's sustainable, profitable and aligned - a business that's happy.

Easy like Sunday morning, lit like a bonfire on Friday night.

Imagine taking your morning to work out, make a latte and journal to get your mind primed for the day. You actually look forward to running your business, and have a clear plan to win the day.

Or perhaps you work in the morning and take the afternoons off to hang out with your dog and your partner. Maybe you do neither of those, but what you do is perfect for you.

Either way, you go through your day and knowing that everything you're doing that day is creating freedom, ease and revenue in your business.

Was my business always like that? It is now. In the beginning it felt like walking waist deep through a swamp with alligators biting my ass.

So yeah my dude, I've been in the swamp - but honestly I'm almost never in the swamp now.

Sure, sometimes I want to set my laptop on fire (challenges never fully go away), but once you have the right framework to create a business that's sustainable, profitable and aligned, it gets to be easy.

It's absolutely possible to make damn good money while loving your business.

You could build a business you're terrified to step away from, resenting your customers and every day feels like you're dying...

But why?

Wouldn't you rather have fun and get paid hella well?

Yes, please.

Here's what they don't tell you...

Entrepreneurship is one of the most powerful catalysts for growth.

Every fear.

Every limiting belief.

Every trauma response.

Every mindset block around money, being seen, being judged, being worthy, being good enough; is going to rear it's ugly head.

Entrepreneurship can trigger the hell out of you.

This is where my particular skill set is absolute magic.

I take my experience as a therapist who specializes in healing trauma, and marry it with my experience in entrepreneurship and business knowledge so you get the perfect combination - like a lavender latte but in business coach form - I quite literally know exactly how to clear out everything that gets in the way of you sprinting towards your dreams.

Bringing a business to life is one thing, making it profitable is another, and building a business that’s happy - a business that lights you up like one of those COMMITTED Christmas light neighborhoods with the light show that goes to the music - honey that’s next level (that’s where I’ll help you get). 

I know how discouraging it feels to be trying your hardest and just not seeing results.

This is where I come in.

Thinking about working with me? Don't take my word for it, take theirs.

“From the last session my big takeaway was learning about protective behavior and trying to figure out when I'm doing protective behavior. The idea of thinking of procrastination in that way is a big change for me."

  • Rebecca

“I want to thank you. I didn't realize the boundaries thing and how little I had with everyone and I have always had to do everything myself. I cant do it anymore. I don't have time anymore, I have goals and I have things I need to do, you are either on board or you can bye because I don't have the energy or the time to drag you with me. Figure out how to come with me.”


“I feel like you have herded all the cats in my bag of a brain right now. This is so helpful. I think we have a ton of progress, that helps so much. I see the spider web that is shooting out in every direction, and how they're related.”


“Im good. Ive made a ton of headway with everything and everyone, so I feel less FHSDAIOFS. I feel like Ive got this, Im a person who can do things.


“I've never had someone explain boundaries to me and I was like ‘oh that must be what those mythical things called boundaries are.”


“This year Im taking on more clients that are paid or fit what I want. And thinking of money as an energy exchange and I don't feel as bad asking for money because this is what youre doing in exchange for what Im doing. I feel a lot better saying its in terms of energy. I had this epiphany this morning."


“I love time blocking, its such a game changer and Im so much more organized and its been so good. I feel so much more free with my schedule and it works so much better for me.”


“Ive gotten in a much better flow and more organized. Just setting Monday as my admin days is super helpful.


"Thinking about how I am ALREADY succeeding - rewriting the thoughts in my head or the feeling of imposter syndrome I have to actually support me - rather than disable me."


What's it look like to work with me?

glad you asked boo.

  • We work together for 6 months, meeting biweekly.

  • You have access to message me M-F 10-6 and I'll look over whatever you like - copy, content, offers, systems, plans, unhinged rants about how obsessed you are with your customers 😜😜

  • We go through everythang - systems, structure, offers, purpose, marketing, sales, energetics, embodiment, the creative process, healing wounds that are preventing growth - ev-er-y-thang

  • I clear traumas that are holding you back so you can step into this season of growth and your nervous system is primed for thriving, instead of running off chaos and pressure. hello ease.

  • I help you set your dream schedule so you're actually working less and making more. Get your bag baby.

  • We set your business up in a way that's sustainable, profitable and aligned

  • You get to build your business your way, people love to pay you and you work with dream clients. It's literally the most fun.

You've made it this far.

I'd love to see your application, apply to work with me.

Amanda is acting in the role of a coach for any services available on this website. She is not acting in the role of a therapist and she is not your therapist.