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Leather Jacket Leadership: How To Lead From Your Authentic Magic - Interview With Brand...

November 14, 20231 min read

There's a revolution and a reckoning coming in the leadership space. Incompetent leaders are no longer allowed to get away with mediocrity. Quality leadership requires so many skills. Embodying authenticity, emotional regulation, excellent communication, holding a vision - all these things combine into a leader that people are happy to follow. Kat developed her particular brand of leadership by going against the status quo - which we all know wasn't built for visionaries, marginalized identities or women who are fiercely themselves. Kat realized early that there was a place for leaders who operate from their heart, fiercely protect their people and hold the vision. Kat and I discuss being unemployable by most companies, because most companies are lead by authority figures instead of leaders. We discuss the importance of becoming and working with and for leaders who embody integrity, trust and service. The next generation of leaders lead with love, embody integrity and live their values.

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