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Nine Things That May Be Keeping You From Success And How To Shift Them - From A Licensed Therapist-

November 01, 20231 min read


Humans are the only creatures who can block themselves. Birds don't sit around thinking "oh I really want to fly to that branch, I wish I could get myself over there. I need to jump and then keep myself flying and if I could just get motivation to get myself there I would do it." While we're smarter than birds, sometimes I think birds are smarter than us in some respects. Humans, in our infinite complexity, can either get in our own way or systems and structures that humans create get in our way. So, lets discuss. So many of my clients want a bigger life, a more adventurous life, a better life and yet they struggle to manifest it. So I started thinking "ok what's in the way here" and after doing this for thousands of hours, these are the barriers my clients experience most.

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